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"I have a mixed GSD/cattle dog & a Rottweiler and they both go absolutely crazy for your Bison Tripe!"

– Kimberly, FL

"Your canned food is the very best I have found and it's important that your animal proteins are as ethically sourced as possible. My main pet store stopped carrying it so I changed stores! I love the tiny list of ingredients and large quality."

– Nikki, BC

"We've tried a few different kinds of dry food. Touton likes yours the best! I like it because of all the nutritious ingredients. Thanks for making such a great dog food!!"

– Joann, ON

"Hunter loves your guy's food!"

– Colby, ON

"My dog loves your dry food! Can't wait to get her on the wet food you carry as well!"

– Keisha, BC

"WONDERFUL PRODUCTS changed my chocolate labs life..No more itching 💜💜"

– Karelle, SK

"They absolutely love the duck quinoa canned food, and I love that it is produced in Canada."

– Rhonda, ON

"Lily has an autoimmune disease and the Dry Tripe Salmon has been great for digestion."

– Janet, BC

"I have been feeding Emmit your canned food and dry food for 4 yrs. He loves it!"

– Sharon, BC

"Abbey loves the wet lamb tripe food a lot...its definitely our go to food for her and her food sensitivities."

– Allison, MB

"Niki loves your wet food, especially venison"

– Ajanta, AB

"Mowgli loves the Canada fresh food and canned tripe. Planning to try the trip dry soon. Thanks!"

– Tamara, AB

"Discover Dogs in Vancouver first recommended your company to us. Our dog is thriving on your dog food. He's happy and healthy and the perfect weight."

– Karen, BC

"I've always had problems finding food that would suit all my dogs and Petkind Tripe is loved by all with no side effects. Thank you"

– Racheal, AB

I have a Beagle- Jack Russel mix. Always bought good dog food her. I said good dog food until I tried Petkind. Your dog food is great. My dog's coat is silky, soft, and less shedding. On my third bag with your food and will never buy any other brand. Very happy.


"Nikki really loves the Canada Fresh"

– Eve, ON

"My dog really loves your food. At first, I bought it as a treat but he loved it so much that I had to change it to his regular diet."

– Sharin, BC

"Maizey is a one-year old Havanese. My breeder suggested feeding PetKind food. My dog loves it! She eats Tripett green lamb tripe. She's always finished her bowl and wants more."

– Mary, NJ

"I love this product I had so many problems with my dog breaking out because of her skin .. not only does she love the food but her skin recovery is awesome thank you so much for great dog food."

– Mayra, CA

"Hi I’m Kyra I’m a Siberian husky with pretty blue eyes and I loooove the wild salmon wet and dry food!"

– Jemina, BC

Thank you so much for your wonderful products! My Chocolate lab Beau has many allergies and your tripe venison dog food is the only product she can have. Nala my husky loves this food as well!

– Bree, ON

"Ivy loves your canned Wild Salmon dog food. She actually jumped for joy and excitement as I opened the can this morning."

– Suzanne, ON

"We recently bought some of the Petkind wet canned food to add in to our picky eater Diesel's dry food. He LOVES it! Had never heard of this brand til the other day and we will never buy another brand other than this again!"

– Jana

"Foster loves the food! I can't believe how much he likes it!"

– Robyn, AB