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Tripe Treats

Tripe Dry for Cats

Canada Fresh

Canada Fresh Treats


6 oz bags of different variants of the Tripe Treat formulas.

Healthy & Delicious

Crafted to be both healthy and incredibly tempting, our wholesome line-up will make you feel good about spoiling your furry one. Not only are they delicious, the amazing amino acids in green tripe provides your pet with key benefits:⁠

  • • Muscle Recovery – the amino acid leucine promotes muscle repair⁠
  • • Stamina Boost – Aspartic acid, alanine, & glycine keep your pet moving⁠
  • • Brain Fuel – glutamic acid & aspartic acid fuels your pet's brain⁠

High Value Rewards

Pets find Tripe Treats irresistible, making them the perfect high value treat to motivate your pup.

Feeding Guide

Great for all dogs, all sizes! Easily broken along perforations to use as a training treat.