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Tripe Treats

Tripe Dry for Cats

Canada Fresh

Canada Fresh Treats


6 oz bags of different variants of the Tripe Treat formulas.


Gently air-dried Tripe Treats, made right here in Vancouver, Canada! Packed with a high content of fresh green tripe, these treats are perfect for training or offering a healthy snack at any time!

Healthy & Delicious

Crafted to be both healthy and incredibly tempting, our wholesome line-up will make you feel good about spoiling your furry one. Not only are they delicious, the amazing amino acids in green tripe provides your pet with key benefits:⁠

  • • Muscle Recovery – the amino acid leucine promotes muscle repair⁠
  • • Stamina Boost – Aspartic acid, alanine, & glycine keep your pet moving⁠
  • • Brain Fuel – glutamic acid & aspartic acid fuels your pet's brain⁠