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What the heck is green tripe!?

Green tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of ruminating animals (e.g., bison, deer, lamb, etc.).

Why is it green?

Unlike grocery store tripe, green tripe is unbleached and all-natural. By avoiding the cleaning and bleaching process, we ensure that green tripe keeps the nutrients that make it sogreat for your pet!

Why should I feed green tripe?

As a natural part of your pet's ancestral diet, green tripe provides your pet with 7 essential amino acids, the perfect balance of Omegas 3 & 6, and plenty of vitamins and nutrients. 

Benefits of Green Tripe

Our Tripett line features green tripe in its purest form. Every can is packed to the brim with almost 100% pure green tripe & fresh meat to provide your pets with all the benefits* of green tripe, including: 

‣ Healthier skin & coat
‣ Tempting picky pets
‣ May aid pets with allergies
‣ Maintaining a healthy weight
‣ Fueling the brain
‣ Aiding muscle recovery
‣ Improving joint mobility

*This is based on years of feedback and success stories of our customers, no clinical trails have been conducted.

Feeding Guide – 12oz Can

Dog's Weight Recommended Portion Size
5 – 15 lbs 15 – ⅓ cans per day
15 – 30 lbs ¼ – 23 cans per day
30 – 70 lbs 13 – 1 can per day
70+ lbs 12 – 2 cans per day

Feeding Guide – 6oz Can

Dog's Weight Recommended Portion Size
5 – 15 lbs 2523 cans per day
15 – 30 lbs 12 – 1 can per day
30 – 70 lbs 1 – 2 cans per day
70+ lbs 1 – 3 cans per day