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We LOVE LOVE LOVE that your foods have minimal pure healthy ingredients!

You don’t know how hard it is to find a food for a fussy 16 year old GSD mix, born with one normal kidney! We hate reading the ingredients on other cans and being stuck as to what they are! When we get Callie the ones with 4 to 5 ingredients that you can actually pronounce and know what they are, it means the actual world to us!! we’ve gotten her this far (march 22 is our 16 years together, she turned 16 on January 19!) and your food is a huge part of it!!

We buy the “That’s It” Petkind wet dog food in all flavours! We use the tripe also! Callie Bree is 16 years old. When her appetite started to decrease we knew we had to mix wet food in but had to be extremely cautious. Callie has one normal kidney (has from birth) and we are careful with her diet. To find ingredients that we can name and have had makes us feel so safe with her health and life.